Westenhanger Castle2018-10-24T21:59:09+00:00
Aerial Pro Media, drone video and photography. London, Kent and South East

Client: Sarah Poole

Work Performed: RAW photos, edited videos & inspections

Client Website:  http://www.westenhangercastle.co.uk/

We worked with Sarah Poole to help advertise Westenhanger Castle to the public. We took aerial photos and videos of the grounds. We also attended events (weddings,corporate events, etc) to get the property in use to show what the castle looks like when its set up for different events. We also took interior videos of the rooms in the castle to help showcase the venue on their website. This video was also used when entering the Kent Wedding Awards.

We also performed a full aerial inspection of the castle as some of these walls date back to the 1400 hundreds. This included inspecting the brick and lead work of the castle. Using our drone to perform the inspection was not only quicker and cheaper than using scaffolding or cherry pickers, but also kept the gardens and grounds in 100% condition, due to there being no need for heavy equipment to be brought on site.