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“We’ve partnered with Wildwood Media to supply our clients with all their ground based filming. Wildwood Media are a Kent based production house that offer excellent service and creativity. Managing Director Chris Newberry has over 19 years of production experience and produced films for a wide variety of clients nationwide including Vanity Fair, NHS, Kent County Council, National Careers Service, CXK and Photobox to name but a few.

While we’re in the air getting incredible footage, Chris and his team are on the ground getting any additional material you need. This special partnership allows us to offer clients a complete video production package that can fulfil any brief. Whether it’s interviews to add context to your aerial footage or filming your site or project from the ground – or something more creative – we can produce it.

“I’m so excited by this partnership. Aerial Pro Media are incredible with what they do, I’ve never found a challenge with aerial filming or photography that they can’t crack. What’s more they offer the same level of creativity, respect and passion for their work and clients as we do. Aerial Pro Media have always been our go-to but now with this partnership we can both offer our clients solutions that separate us from the rest.” Chris Newberry, Managing Director, Wildwood Media Ltd