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Each Battery can last up to 15-20 minutes of continuous flight. With the right planning a lot can be achieved in this time. We also carry spare batteries so we are not grounded while waiting for battery’s to charge

Unfortunately we are “not” able to fly in the rain or heavy fog which reduces viability. Strong winds can also be a issue but we are able to fly in winds up to 30mph

We are currently under the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) meaning we can fly up to 400 feet (120m) Vertically and up to 500m from the pilot horizontally

Yes providing the surroundings are acceptable and the Pilot is happy to fly

Our footage is very smooth and stable therefore there is no post editing required which means a quick turn around for the client. We are able to achieve this by using high quality gyro stabilized 3 axis gimbals

Our main flying cameras are the Panasonic lumix gh4 filming in 4k and the Canon 5DSR 50.6 million pixel DSLR for still images. The reason we use the gh4 is not just because of the outstanding video quality but its weight & size which allows us to be more creative with our filming. The Canon is used for high resolution images which are ideal for surveying or high quality publications.

Yes providing that we are abiding to the rules and regulations set by the CAA and our pilot agrees it is safe to operate. If we are operating in a closed working environment like a TV/film set and everybody we are working with has been briefed about the flight operations, then we are able to fly closer providing the pilot deems safe to operate