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Client: Catherine Miles

Work Performed: RAW aerial photos & ground photos

Client Website: http://www.f10studios.co.uk/

F10 studios are a top design company in Brighton, they contacted us with a request for aerial photos of one of their projects in Portobello Road nr Notting Hill, London. They wanted us to capture photos of the current building before it was demolished, and also use the images for creating CGI artwork for future publications. We had to organise the flight with the site manager so we could stop the tower crane on site as this was in direct path with our emergency landing zone. The whole process from start to finish took 2 hours. We also supplied land photography of the high street opposite the new buildings which were stitched together to show the public the surroundings.

Below are two photos, left is our original image and the right is the finished CGI from the comapny we worked with.