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Client: Bachy Soletanche

Work Performed: Edited 4K aerial and ground based video

Clients Website:

Bachy Soletanche who are located in Lancashire contacted us asking for a promotional video of one of their rigs at work. They are currently working on a construction site preparing for the foundation works of a extension of pet food factory in Lancashire. The video shows a 360′ aerial view of the rig also the procedure of how it works and the surrounding area of where the new building is going to be located.

We have been working with Bachy Soletanhe on another project in Canary Wharf London. This time we were asked to produce another 4k video including ground based video as well as aerial. There were two types of piling rigs at this location that they wanted filmed. We filmed wide to show the entire grounds of the project they were working on and also filmed using our hand held cameras to get very close on the machines to show what you couldn’t see from the air.