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David the managing director (aka Top Banana) known for his loud shirts and crazy personality. He is always hungry for new ideas and looking for other ways to push the business to new heights. People are drawn to his energy and enthusiasm which helps drive the company to new levels.

Here we have developed a new and exciting business offering a cost effective aerial video and aerial photography service to both business and domestic clients throughout Kent and the South east and further afield! Whether you have a business or service or even a house for sale, we can assist you!

Compared with having to hire a full-size helicopter or Crane/JIB, our UAV Drone photography and video is a lot less expensive and much more environmentally friendly. Our drone can be easily transported to site and can access places that a helicopter or crane may not be able to go due to size.

Because all of our footage is digital – we can see the UAV photography or video results live from the ground. We know when we’ve got that all important shot – again saving you time and money.